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Company Info


When the general public began to have mobile phones, I opened a mobile phone shop in Kansai.

I started from a shop of just 15 tsubos.

There were only two things that I was determined to do at that time.
The first one was "stay in business"
The second was "I want a store that satisfies customers"

I did not care about sales
I made an effort to get a "Thank you" and a smile from our customers.
Customers come to visit from the suburbs within the opening six months.
The shop was then commended as being No1 in Kansai.
From then we began opning one new store a year, and many people hove come to our stores.

Having established the company in Kansai, We went on to open in Kanto as 'alesia'.

It is a name that means "Leap to the future" and "Happiness" in Latin.
A name chosen in the desire that this would be a company that keeps making all people happy, and is ever rising toward the future

I make an effort more and more so that this company becomes a place of growth

ALESIA Co.,Ltd. Representative director (CEO)
Takahiro Inoue

Basic principles of Alesia staff

  • 1

    We having an obedient heart

  • 2

    We having the always heart

  • 3

    We act positively and do our best

Company Info

Company name
Establishment date
Address of company

Tokyo headquarters:

1-10-1, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0006, Japan


462-1, Onoecho Imafuku, Kakogawa-shi, Hyogo, 675-0027, Japan

8 million yen
Representative and management
Representative director (CEO) Takahiro Inoue
Chairman of the Board Okura Shunsuke
Corporate officer chief technology officer (CTO) Yasushi Takebe
Major business
  • Softbank mobile company agency (Softbank shop management)
  • development of applications and services of the iPhone · iPad · Android, sales, and consultation
  • MG (management game) training and talent's activation businesses
  • ※Management game MG and "Strategy accounting STRAC"are trademarks of Sony human capital Ltd..
  • Transactions in real estate and letting and hiring business
  • Worker dispatching business
  • Group membership
    The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    (region ICT promotion conference)


    Application Requirements


    ・Business(Career-track jobs)
    Work as corporate business (Project of Softbank commodity・Proposal・conclusion of a contract・introduction・After following・etc)
    ・Store operation(regular government service)
    Work as staff (serving, sales, and PC operation) in Softbank shop
    ・Software design and development engineer
    Please develop the application program of iPhone and iPad by the demand from the customer or the proposal type from its company.

    Recruitment of job

    Business (career-track jobs): Five people
    Store operation (regular government service): Five people
    Software design and development engineer: A few people

    Recruitment of Department

    All undergraduate all Department

    Work location

    Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba,Kanagawa, each site and headquarters

    <Softbank shop>
    Peonywalk Higashimatsuyama,Kasai Station,Ochiai Station,
    Harumi Triton,Chibaekimae,Minamisunamachi,Tama Sekido,Kawasaki Todoroki

    ※The Softbank shop place of business responds to the consultation.

    Working hours

    (career-track jobs) 9:00 ~ 18:00
    (regular government service: Shift system) 10:00 ~ 19:00
    (regular government service: Shift system) 11:00 ~ 20:00

    Starting salary

    ・Career-track jobs
    University graduate 201,000 yen
    Junior college and special school graduate 181,000 yen
    ・regular government service
    University graduate 181,000 yen
    Junior college and special school graduate 171,000 yen

    Various allowances

    Transportation expenses paid,a managerial position allowance,qualification allowance,temporary allowance


    Once a year


    Twice a year


    Complete five-day working week (shift system), Paid holiday(Six months after joining a company. )


    Rental of uniforms(Women only), various social insurance equipping, Damage insurance, retirement allowance system having, and qualification support system having, Car commuting(It is not allowed by the base), Company house system, Incentive trip, Long-service awards, Recreational activity etc.

    Adopt proven school

    Meiji University, Rikkyo University, Komazawa University, Toyo University, Tokai University, Kanto Gakuin University, Teikyo University, Tamagawa University, Obirin College, Taisho University, Senshu University, Chuogakuin University, Tsukuba school university, Kokushikan university, Nishogakusha University, Tokyo International University, Musashino Art University, Showa Women's University, Sagami Women's College, Atomigakuen Women's University, Sakura no Seibo Junior College, Sugiyama Jogakuen University and another

    Education and Training

    New figure training system(having at training period of three months)

    Application method


    Applicant screening・The first interview(Store manager and personnel management personnel)
    Secondary interview(personnel officer and director)
    Informal decision
    ※It is a schedule of all processes from the application to the informal decision of about two weeks.